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November 3,2023 by Naveen

Commission free

Let’s get straight to the point: you’re in the business of making great food and bringing people together. But when it comes to getting your food out there, those third-party app fees hit hard. What if you could keep every dollar from every dish you sell? That’s exactly what a commission-free food ordering mobile app does. It’s your own space in the digital world, a place where your customers can connect with your restaurant without anyone else taking a cut. Think of it like your own virtual front door, open 24/7, where every order placed is more of your signature flavor in the world, and more money in your pocket. A restaurant in Chicago tried this out, and guess what? They made an extra 2 million dollars in just 18 months. No commissions, no worries. Now, let’s talk about how this app can change the game for you, too.

Direct Order App: Cut Out the Middleman

So you’re tired of sharing your earnings with those big app companies. We get it. With a direct order app, it's just you and your customers, no one else. Every time someone orders a meal, all that cash stays with you. It’s like selling a dish right over the counter, except it's online. And the best part? It’s commission free. We’re talking about 100% of the money going straight into growing your business, not someone else’s.

This app gives you the freedom to run promos, get immediate feedback, and make instant menu updates without any hassle. It’s about getting closer to your customers, without a third-party standing in the way. You’ll get to know what they love, what they order most, and even their favourite table, which means you can make their experience even more personal. It's simple: they order, they enjoy, and you thrive. No more commissions eating margins it is 100% commission free.

With the app, you're not just serving meals; you're serving up an experience tailored to your customers. The tech-savvy owner who's got it all figured out. It's a new day, and it's looking deliciously profitable.

Updated mobile menu
Instant Updates

Mobile Menus: Update Instantly, No Hassle

Imagine the freedom to change your menu with the seasons, the market's freshest ingredients, or even just your culinary whims—all at the tap of a finger. That's what mobile menus on your branded app can offer. Gone are the days of printing new menus every time you want to spice things up. With an instant update feature, your digital menu reflects your kitchen's creativity in real-time, keeping your offerings exciting and current.

Let’s say you've got avocados; whip up a special guacamole dish and feature it on your app. Customers get notified and can almost taste the freshness. It's about making your diners feel like they're in sync with your kitchen's beat. The best part? Your staff can focus on delivering great food and service instead of explaining the latest menu changes. Every update you make caters to your customers' desire for the new and novel, directly increasing their engagement and satisfaction.

Easy table booking mobile app
Book with Ease

Straightforward Table Booking via App

Booking a table at your restaurant should be as smooth as your signature chocolate mousse. With your custom app, reservations become a breeze, and that's the kind of ease that fills seats. No more phone tag or lost reservations. Your customers can book their favorite spot in your dining room anytime, anywhere, right from their smartphones. It's the convenience that today’s diners expect.

Imagine your guests planning a special night out. They open your app and choose their preferred table, perhaps the cozy corner booth they've come to love, and it's confirmed in seconds. They arrive relaxed, knowing their spot is secure, ready to enjoy what they came for—your delectable dishes and the ambience they can't get enough of. This seamless process not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes your seating efficiency, turning tables faster and boosting your bottom line. It's the simple yet powerful touch that creates seamless dining experiences, encouraging repeat visits, commission free ordering and growing reviews.

Owner managing app orders
Order Management

Order Management Simplified for Owners

Keeping track of every appetizer,main dish, and dessert can turn a busy night into a juggling act. But with your own food ordering mobile app, you're equipped with a sleek, straightforward order management system that's as sharp as your chef's knives. This isn't just about taking orders; it's about creating a streamlined flow from the kitchen to the customer's table—or their front door. Your app doesn't just take notes—it's the silent master’ that organizes and prioritizes orders so that everything runs like clockwork.

Picture this: A busy Saturday night, orders flying in thick and fast. In the past, this might have been when things started slipping through the cracks. But with your app, each order is a prompt on a screen, clear and actionable, with no room for error or confusion. It's all about getting that perfect plate to the customer as efficiently as possible. No missed orders, no mixed-up deliveries, just satisfied customers and a kitchen that's humming with efficiency. The result? Customers get their food hot and fresh, exactly how they ordered it, and your reputation for impeccable service grows.

Customer engaging restaurant app
Personalized Offers

Own Your Customer Relationships with a Branded App

Your restaurant is more than a place to eat, it's a community hub, and every customer is a relationship worth nurturing. With a custom-branded app, you're not just handing out a menu, you're extending a hand to your customers, inviting them into your restaurant family. This app is your direct line to them, a way to say, "We know you, we appreciate you, and we're here for you."

Think of the last time you had a truly personal shopping experience. That's the feeling your app replicates. Whether it's remembering their favorite dish, suggesting new ones they might like, or simply wishing them a happy birthday, your app makes every customer feel like the guest of honor. This personalized touch doesn't just make your customers happy—it makes them loyal. And in a world where diners have endless choices, loyalty is the spice that keeps them coming back.

As you craft a space that’s all about the shared love of food, your app becomes an extension of your hospitality. It's about creating that warm, welcome feeling that starts long before they walk through your door and lasts long after they’ve finished their meal. In this digital age, your app is your handshake, your smile, and your invitation to return, all rolled into one. It’s how you build a community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to a commission-free app can yield results within a few billing cycles, as you'll retain full revenue from orders immediately.

Restaurant owners looking to maximize profits and build direct relationships with customers benefit greatly from a direct order system.

Start by signing up for our platform, then migrate your menu, inform your customers about the change, and enjoy full support throughout.

Choosing a commission-free app cuts costs, increases profit margins, and enhances direct engagement with your customer base.

Customers can download your app directly from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or via a link on your website.

Key features include real-time menu updates, straightforward table booking, efficient order management, and personalized customer engagement.

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