Restaurant Apps Pricing

Your all-in-one solution to optimize a restaurant's operations across dine-in, delivery, curbside pickup, and takeout services with our mobile apps and websites

Essential Plan


  • Have your mobile apps in the App Store and Play Store under your restaurant's name
  • Commission-free & Unlimited ordering
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Access to customer data
  • Standard admin restaurant website
  • Counter app compatible with iPad and Android tablets

Premium Plan


  • Everything in the Essential Plan
  • Enhanced restaurant admin website with additional customization options
  • Get more orders with Restaurant customer website
  • Kitchen screen integration
  • Advanced operational analytics
  • Priority code maintenance

Custom Plan


  • Contact for Pricing
  • Tailored solutions to fit the unique needs of your restaurant
  • All features from the Premium Plan
  • Custom feature development
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Advanced marketing tools integration
  • Personalized onboarding and training

Why Our Services Are Premium Offering

Consider Brand Resto as your in-house tech division. We manage all aspects of your restaurant's apps and website development so you can avoid the hassle of employing developers, designers, and server maintenance.

1)Exclusive Market Presence: With our Essential Plan, your restaurant's mobile app is not just another page on a food aggregator. It's a standalone presence in the App Store and Play Store, enhancing your brand's visibility.

2)Comprehensive Data Ownership: You have complete access to customer data. With this, you can tailor your marketing strategies and directly engage with your customer base.

3)Advanced Functionalities: Our Premium Plan takes your operational capabilities to the next level with kitchen screen integration and advanced analytics, streamlining your workflow and enhancing decision-making.

4) Continuous Code Updates: We are committed to continuous innovation. Our service includes regular updates to the code, ensuring that your applications are up-to-date.

5)Dedicated Support: Every plan includes dedicated support, ensuring that your transition to digital is smooth and your ongoing operations are uninterrupted.

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How it works

Start in Just 3 Simple Steps 🌟

1.Sign up

Provide your restaurant's basic details, and we'll get in touch with you.

2.Promote Your Apps

Spread the word about your mobile apps on social media, Google listings, in your restaurant, and beyond.

3.Start filling orders

No special devices needed – just accept incoming orders right from your smartphone 📱.

Compare plans

Branded Mobile Apps
Commission-free & Unlimited Ordering
Integrated Payment Gateway
Access to Customer Data
Counter App Compatibility
Customer Restaurant Website
Standard Admin Restaurant Website
Enhanced Admin Restaurant Website
Kitchen Screen Integration
Advanced Operational Analytics
Priority Code Maintenance
Geolocation Delivery Zone Management
Tailored Solutions
All Features from the Premium Plan
Custom Feature Development
Integration with Existing Systems
Advanced Marketing Tools Integration
Personalized Onboarding and Training

Benefits Of Your Own Restaurant Mobile Apps

Our zero-commission approach means every dollar from every dish goes straight to your pocket. It's your hard work, so why not keep all the rewards? Plus, with our secure tech, your orders are in sync, and your customer data is locked down, giving you the power to know your customers better and serve them just what they crave.

Jump into the future with your custom app. No more getting lost in the app crowd. We ensure your restaurant's app shines bright with your name and style. It's the online spot where your customers will keep coming back for more. And the best part? You call the shots, we handle the tech, and we make it happen together.

Keep the kitchen chaos under control. Our tech turns order chaos into harmony, linking orders from all corners to your chef's screen: no more mix-ups, just a smooth flow from the first click to the final plate.

Plan and skip the wait. With Brand Resto Mobile Apps, your customers can schedule their cravings in advance, whether a family pizza night next Friday or a birthday dinner in two weeks. They pick the time, and you will make sure their meal is ready when they are. It's convenient in their pocket and more predictable sales for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can start placing orders once the App Store and Play Store approve your apps.

They eliminate commission fees and provide complete control over the customer experience, maximizing profits.

Personalized branding, direct customer data access, and enhanced customer loyalty set your app apart.

Brand Resto offers competitive pricing starting at $2,500 for a full-featured restaurant mobile app.

Social media, Google listings, and in-restaurant promotions to encourage app downloads and usage.

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